QDI – Stone 6 mm Quartz Reconstituted Stone


QDI-STONE is a 6 mm Quartz reconstituted stone for use on walls and floors , both internally and externally.

Other quartz reconstituted stones have  polyester resin due to which they cannot be used externally as they get damaged by UV rays. QDI-STONE is made with 90 % Quartz mixed with UV stable acrylic resin , therefore it is suitable for external areas facing sun.

Quartz is one of the most hardest mineral on earth. On MoH scale its rating is # 7 while Diamond is # 10

Being very thin, only 6 mm, it is very good for areas like lift floors where you require a tough stone with minimum thickness

Being lightweight and thin, It can be directly installed  on existing surfaces, thus saving you demolition costs, saving time during refurbishment and also solving your design restrictions.

Like Acrylic Solid Surfaces this stone can be thermal molded, therefore it can also so be used to clad round columns.



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