QDI Anti Stain


Stainless surface after application of QDI H-Shield , just like dew drops on a leaf


QDI H-shield is a preventive & protective  revolutionary hydro-phobic (water repellant) sealant that protects glass and natural stone surfaces (Interior / exterior) and chemically bonds to surfaces at molecular level, eliminating microscopic peaks and valleys where corrosion begins.

The application leads to an ultra smooth , transparent barrier that protects the surfaces from  staining / corrosion due to harmful effects of hard water & harsh cleaners.

Besides protecting surface from other Harmful Environmental Elements like Hard Water Deposits, Sea or Salt Water (water softener), Aluminum Mullion Corrosion, Calcium and Mineral Build-up, Acidic Air and Water From Pollution etc

QDI H-shield protects Windows, Skylights, Shower Doors, Sun Rooms, Mirrors, Tile, Granite, Porcelain, Counter Tops, Solariums, Glass Block, Art Glass (Sand Blasted) etc

When you use QDI-shield, you no longer need Harsh and Expensive Cleaning solutions.


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