FSI Anti Slip Holland


FSI from Holland is patented and one of a kind anti slip system in the world. It is a transparent non slip solution for bathrooms, Spas , Kitchens, Saunas, Swimming Pools, Airports, Shopping Malls etc. or any wet area where slipperiness due to water or moisture is a great safety concern.

The treatment does not affect the original appearance of the tiles so the result cannot be seen but it can certainly be felt.

The system can be applied in 10 minutes and non slip performance stays for 3 years or more. The application is also very simple, just like mopping a floor and can be done by one of your maintenance staff.

How does system work?

image002This is an untreated surface: All Tiled / Stone surfaces have very fine pores, which means that the surface remains wet for longer causing you to slip.

image003Our 3-step anti-slip system adheres to the pores on the tile /stone’s surface.

image004Surfaces treated with the anti-slip system reacts immediately to any type of moisture and produces a inhibiting effect, i.e. a high coefficient of friction, thus preventing you from slipping.



catalogue List of FSI antislip projects in the UAE


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