Cimstone from Europe is amongst top 5 leading manufacturers of Quartz Stones in the world.

Quartz stones are also called reconstituted, engineered, agglomerate or composite stones.

Why use Quartz Stone for Counters and Floors?

Granite has approx. 20 – 60 % quartz making it one of the strongest natural stone on Earth. Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral on earth. On MoH scale its rating is # 7 while Diamond is # 10.

Cimstone at its factory in Turkey uses state of art Italian Breton Technology to produce Cimstone incorporating 93 % quartz in its stone, thus making its strength, almost double than granite.

Cimstone is highly stain and scratch resistant; no need for repolishing as well. It is as good as new till its lifetime; you will only remove it when you are bored of the colour.

Besides its use as a Kitchen or Reception Counter, Cimstone is highly  recommended for flooring areas where there is high traffic like Shopping Malls, Airports, Metro Stations etc

Cimstone has NSF certification as its absorption is max. 0.1 % , therefore, it is also recommended for Hospitals & Laboratories where hygiene and cleanliness are of a prime concern.

Hong Kong Metro, Birmingham & Auckland Airports, Ferrari, Mark & Spenser etc. are the leading entities who have chosen to use Cimstone in their prestigious projects around the world.




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